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Friday, February 13, 2009

Totally Baked

This week has been like no other, I thought I had everything figured out. Even those things you put in the back of your head and block out! You know its true but don't even want to fathom that it maybe. When everything comes together, you feel lost, like someone has betrayed you. Although it is you who betrayed yourself, lied, played make believe. And now for me the truth has surfaced. The sad part is I do not know the RIGHT way to deal with it, I have bad thoughts about what to do to handle it.

I know everyone is wondering what is "IT" I won't express that here online...I'm blogging..but its just too personal. Ya'll don't know me like that :)

I just needed to write it out and try to sort this out of my brain, I wish not to be on the wrong side of this ten years down the line, again wondering. Where did I go wrong? What should I have done differently?

I just do not know guys, I'm so confused right now.

Do you ever think about how much your actions (large & small) affect others in your life, your co-workers, spouse, family members, and children?

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