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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pinterest Attempt #6: Candy Towels & Pinterest Attempt #7: Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

Ah, it has been quite a long time. I've been thinking about you all though. Replaying what I'm going to write in the blog. Well today you are in for a treat, not only do you get one but this go 'round you get two yes I said  T W O fabulous reviews from my Pinterest attempts. 

Sidenote: I thought about this the other day. Shouldn't it be called web attempts since its essentially from the world wide web, but where's the fun name in that?? Nowheres. Okay let's continue read below and COMMENT don't forget to do that too! 

Pinterest Attempt #6: Candy Towels

Okay this time last week minus a day I was scrambling around getting prepared for my CIL (cousin in laws) baby shower, which was that afternoon. <> I don't know why I always wait to the last minute to do things (note this is only outside of work). But anyway, I was up that Friday into Saturday night, trying to find the RIGHT thing for her. She's having a girl...totally outside this Mom of three boys comfort zone. Anywho, so I found it -- dun, dun, duunnn -- 
The cutest little lollipop made out of a towel, stick and wrapped. I was so excited. 

But then I thought...."self, now you are doing this last minute -- is there anyway we can simplify this because you'll have to get up in a couple of hours tend to the kids, shop, wrap, etc.."
I didn't reply back but then I did start to back peddle how I could make this even more simple for me? Since her theme was candy I just made candy pieces instead of the lollipop, which I saw here. I didn't pin it for fear my CIL would see it and the surprise would be ova. But that post was for a blanket and I was trying to do towels and wash cloths so I searched and search and found this on youtube. She has perfect instructions and it worked. I just added a couple of books and a basket. Take a look at the finished product and CIL was a happy lady!

Pinterest Attempt #7 Skillet Chicken Pot Pie 

So dinner....ah I've totally lost my knack for it after Dallas J. was born -- he took all my creative dinner juicies, lol. No, but really it was a whole new world I had to adjust to being a mom to a newborn turned toddler. They really demand your attention, gone are the days where I can just be free in the kitchen coming up with a yummy meal that the mister and kids would love. 

Another issue is I was tired of hearing my husband, "Chicken again, I'm tired of chicken" oh yes people we've had no eaten plates and all that. THIS I was not use to, no, no! So this weekend I was on ..... you guessed it Pinterest and found this recipe for a skillet chicken pot pie. It looked yummy and its with chicken! But I knew with all the other goodness, I wouldn't hear any objections. Everyone loved it and we had nothing but clean plates!

So I went in head first and it turned out great. I only made a few adjustments
  • Did not include 3 oz of parmesan cheese (not freshly shredded)  in the meat and veggie mix (hubs went shopping for the cheese and got the smaller one because the bigger one was $7. lol)
  • 1lb bag of mixed frozen veggies
  • Bisquick instead of flour
  • Fresh parsley instead of dried
  • Cast Iron pot instead of skillet (didn't have a skillet)
Here are my results.... 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest Attempt #5: UH OH

Hello world! It's a new year and I'm excited about the things to come. My only resolution is just to remain consistent in all I do whatever that may be. I just want to put my energy somewhere and accomplish SOMETHING. 

So I did just that finally gearing up to try some stuff I found on Pinterest. 

First, I don't know about you but I cannot stand to see clutter around the house -- especially if I didn't or my one year old made it. So I pinned this on my Pinterest board a while back. You can click here to see all my fab stuff. Also, go right to the source just go to the Just Another Day in Paradise blog to see her free printable as well as some more options for kids chores. 

So I took a stab at it and made my own. I made some simple rules around it, usually at night I do a quick clean up and if I find something that belongs to them then low and behold you have to answer to the UH OH flyer. Their task I'll come up with on the whim, something simple like lining up all the shoes, organizing Dallas J.'s toys...

Now my boys do have daily chores -- handling the dishes, which they usually switch out. They are also responsible for cleaning their rooms, bathroom, and washing their clothes. Now many households pay an allowance or pay by chore -- I'm a product of the old school a tad bit of -- you do what you are told -- and I'll feed, clothe, and shelter you! I'm not going to reward my children to be responsible for themselves because as an adult there is no payment -- other than the satisfaction of completing a task. 

Their rewards come from our words of congratulations for how great they completed each task -- its free and the highest motivator!! << Trust me >> Research motivators in the work place, monetary increases are awesome but they only push the employee a tad, but when you openly show appreciation to them it goes a long way  -- work harder, increase of pride, and ownership for their work.
See what people on LinkedIn are saying by clicking here. As you will see RECOGNITION is repeated over and over again.

So what are your CHORE rules in your household? 
Allowance or no allowance? 
Do you agree that recognition is the highest long lasting reward or is it monetary?

Update: Look who won the opportunity for my first UH OH task....
Jabriel (my oldest) got to untangle ALL these wires!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Latest find: Craiglist & Chances

I'm so excited! After time and time again, looking for the right one, I found it!!
Yes, just a stool you silly goose! Got this one from Craiglist for $5. It does really have a cute saying -- I kinda felt bad for not just wanting to keep it as is. 

This little stool of mine
I use it all the time
To reach the things I couldn't
And often things I shouldn't

Anyhow, when I shared my wish to purchase it with the family the response I got're driving to McKinney for that!? Umm, yeah duh guys! I love how they are sooo supportive. Lol

When you see something you want, you get it. Nothings too big or too small. Trust me! Whether it's a new years resolution, nice pair of kicks, or that new position opening at your job. You can't just wait or listen to others when there is something you want. I mean you're the one with the vision right? 

So as I say many times a quote from THE bestest movie..."Go 'head honey, take a chance!"

What are YOU taking a chance on for 2014??

Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekly Rant: How Rude!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and close friends. Mine went well -- I'll admit I'm new to this whole Christmas thing. No, no, no...I'm not an alien or atheist. We'll have to discuss more of THAT at another time. Till then, here is my weekly rant ---- How Rude!!

Okay, I'm from the old-school I guess. My grandmother and especially my grandfather were built on respect -- this passed down to my mother then ME! Its simple really if you think about it, you learn it as a child but why do adults grow up and forget???? Maybe they need to watch another episode of Barney!

Simple Rules: 
1. Say please and thank you
2. Acknowledge someone when you walk into a room
3. Share
4. Be kind

I mean we all know them. But the one that REALLY ticks me is ACKNOWLEDGE SOMEONE WHEN YOU WALK INTO A ROOM. I've had family members and have witnessed times where people just walk right past you without saying hello. And hey this isn't just me, my son had a recent lesson in this form of respect by my uncle -- to our family maybe not to everyone's its kind of a slap in the face.

What's funny is that this SAME thing happened to my son. He walks into an event and a person who he loves dearly-- says NOTHING to him the entire time. Not a hi, tip of the head, hug nothing. Now, if I was my son I would have said something if they hadn't, but he didn't. His feelings were totally hurt. 

People really need to understand the power of acknowledging someone -- saying hello is simple but it is also adding value to that person. You are making a deposit in their life just by acknowledging their existence. 

Eye contact = Hi! Hello! How are you! or a SMILE

So starting today, make a tiny deposit into someone's life -- its Free! 

So please share, what is your weekly rant or do you agree/disagree with my rant?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekly Rant: "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)"

This weeks weekly rant is brought to you by none other than my front door.....

I honestly thought I'd have nothing to rant about this week. I did however spot a lady walking into work with a total fringe skirt --- like it was right up there with Tina Turners Proud Mary! Not too interesting, huh?

So like most neighborhoods there are options, options that allow to choose where you park your car. You have your garage (which like many is filled with EVERYTHING but a car), the driveway to your garage, and on the street of your house.

Now unfortunately, where my family chooses to park was totally the wrong place! I work from home majority of the week and my family was already home you know making normal noise 3 boys make -- I will say the older ones are surprisingly way louder than the 1 year old!

Anyhow, I was twittling away making updates to some procedures when I hear a loud BAM! Now just a few minutes before this I heard our neighborhood sanitation crew, so I figured they dropped something. But it was pretty loud -- I told my oldest to see what it was. He went to the window and saw nothing, but then he went outside and....

So lesson learned. Don't park your car in front of the house. And to the guy that hit my car --- DON'T TRY MAKING CALLS WHILE DRIVING --- geesh!

I will say that I am thankful that my family nor anyone else was hurt I know a lot of people that have recently lost loved ones.