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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pinterest Attempt #6: Candy Towels & Pinterest Attempt #7: Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

Ah, it has been quite a long time. I've been thinking about you all though. Replaying what I'm going to write in the blog. Well today you are in for a treat, not only do you get one but this go 'round you get two yes I said  T W O fabulous reviews from my Pinterest attempts. 

Sidenote: I thought about this the other day. Shouldn't it be called web attempts since its essentially from the world wide web, but where's the fun name in that?? Nowheres. Okay let's continue read below and COMMENT don't forget to do that too! 

Pinterest Attempt #6: Candy Towels

Okay this time last week minus a day I was scrambling around getting prepared for my CIL (cousin in laws) baby shower, which was that afternoon. <> I don't know why I always wait to the last minute to do things (note this is only outside of work). But anyway, I was up that Friday into Saturday night, trying to find the RIGHT thing for her. She's having a girl...totally outside this Mom of three boys comfort zone. Anywho, so I found it -- dun, dun, duunnn -- 
The cutest little lollipop made out of a towel, stick and wrapped. I was so excited. 

But then I thought...."self, now you are doing this last minute -- is there anyway we can simplify this because you'll have to get up in a couple of hours tend to the kids, shop, wrap, etc.."
I didn't reply back but then I did start to back peddle how I could make this even more simple for me? Since her theme was candy I just made candy pieces instead of the lollipop, which I saw here. I didn't pin it for fear my CIL would see it and the surprise would be ova. But that post was for a blanket and I was trying to do towels and wash cloths so I searched and search and found this on youtube. She has perfect instructions and it worked. I just added a couple of books and a basket. Take a look at the finished product and CIL was a happy lady!

Pinterest Attempt #7 Skillet Chicken Pot Pie 

So dinner....ah I've totally lost my knack for it after Dallas J. was born -- he took all my creative dinner juicies, lol. No, but really it was a whole new world I had to adjust to being a mom to a newborn turned toddler. They really demand your attention, gone are the days where I can just be free in the kitchen coming up with a yummy meal that the mister and kids would love. 

Another issue is I was tired of hearing my husband, "Chicken again, I'm tired of chicken" oh yes people we've had no eaten plates and all that. THIS I was not use to, no, no! So this weekend I was on ..... you guessed it Pinterest and found this recipe for a skillet chicken pot pie. It looked yummy and its with chicken! But I knew with all the other goodness, I wouldn't hear any objections. Everyone loved it and we had nothing but clean plates!

So I went in head first and it turned out great. I only made a few adjustments
  • Did not include 3 oz of parmesan cheese (not freshly shredded)  in the meat and veggie mix (hubs went shopping for the cheese and got the smaller one because the bigger one was $7. lol)
  • 1lb bag of mixed frozen veggies
  • Bisquick instead of flour
  • Fresh parsley instead of dried
  • Cast Iron pot instead of skillet (didn't have a skillet)
Here are my results.... 


  1. Hi Beth! Both of these turned out great! Good job! :) Pinterest exploration can be very hit or miss for me. I use the secret board feature on Pinterest a lot to pin gifts or ideas for's a fun way to be sneaky!

    1. Yeah, happens to me all the time -- but somehow with FOOD I tend to get it right and it turns out good. Maybe I should just stick to that, lol!

  2. Dinner looks delicious. I love easy one pot meals. Makes clean up a lot easier! Glad you CIL enjoyed her gift. Such a cute idea to fold everything up like candy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comments on my recipe box.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by Brandi!