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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest Attempt #5: UH OH

Hello world! It's a new year and I'm excited about the things to come. My only resolution is just to remain consistent in all I do whatever that may be. I just want to put my energy somewhere and accomplish SOMETHING. 

So I did just that finally gearing up to try some stuff I found on Pinterest. 

First, I don't know about you but I cannot stand to see clutter around the house -- especially if I didn't or my one year old made it. So I pinned this on my Pinterest board a while back. You can click here to see all my fab stuff. Also, go right to the source just go to the Just Another Day in Paradise blog to see her free printable as well as some more options for kids chores. 

So I took a stab at it and made my own. I made some simple rules around it, usually at night I do a quick clean up and if I find something that belongs to them then low and behold you have to answer to the UH OH flyer. Their task I'll come up with on the whim, something simple like lining up all the shoes, organizing Dallas J.'s toys...

Now my boys do have daily chores -- handling the dishes, which they usually switch out. They are also responsible for cleaning their rooms, bathroom, and washing their clothes. Now many households pay an allowance or pay by chore -- I'm a product of the old school a tad bit of -- you do what you are told -- and I'll feed, clothe, and shelter you! I'm not going to reward my children to be responsible for themselves because as an adult there is no payment -- other than the satisfaction of completing a task. 

Their rewards come from our words of congratulations for how great they completed each task -- its free and the highest motivator!! << Trust me >> Research motivators in the work place, monetary increases are awesome but they only push the employee a tad, but when you openly show appreciation to them it goes a long way  -- work harder, increase of pride, and ownership for their work.
See what people on LinkedIn are saying by clicking here. As you will see RECOGNITION is repeated over and over again.

So what are your CHORE rules in your household? 
Allowance or no allowance? 
Do you agree that recognition is the highest long lasting reward or is it monetary?

Update: Look who won the opportunity for my first UH OH task....
Jabriel (my oldest) got to untangle ALL these wires!


  1. Saying once again, "each one teach one. My mother said to me at one point in my life, It is your responsibility to educate your children for the world, that is what parents do. Prep Work is assuring that they have the tools to sustain even when you are not there, love the mother. Much success in all your endeavors. You had a good teacher.

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    1. Sorry I accidently removed your comment, durh! SMH... here's what you said..

      I love that! I wish I had a kid to give the wire untangling chore to! That's the WORST! :) Actually, the chore would be to fold and put away all the laundry. Because that's really, really the worst! :) - Tania @ Run to Radiance

      Ah but yes, they are not that well trained to put up clothes properly so, still on the 'rents :(