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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clarity Before 30!

When it comes to fashion. I am an absolute loss. I can see items think they are cute together but something inside says "I can't pull that off". Call me Totally Plain Jane!

I'm a TOTAL tom boy -- well kinda. Give me a smooth pair of Puma's and this lady is happier than a runaway slave. LOL. But really those clothes take less work and are more comfortable. PLUS more likely wrinkle resistant. SN: I HATE ironing -- wrinkle release is my bestie. But at the same time I like *insert pic of Michelle Obama* and I am comfortable with classic looks that's me, but I still can't get past skirts (they suck!).

So before I rule ALL of this out I thought. Why not take a journey, push myself to the limits try it out and see how it makes me feel. Who knows what it will evolve too!

I have heard that many people don't know exactly who they are until after their 40's and even then they are still working to figure it out. I don't want to be that person, how can a teach my kids to evolve if I can do it myself?

So my challenge is to test the waters, see what its like on the "other" side of fashion and see if I can gain composure at rockin it.

Step #1: Walk in Heels - yikes!!

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  1. How about flip flops shorts and a T-shirt, that is my kind of were, less is better. Thinking of warmer weather year round and Gambia or further south than Plano, lol.