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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinterest Attempt #1: DIY Coasters

Okay okay...I'll admit I didn't stick with the plan from last year but so much has changed!

I'm expecting boy #3 in September and my need my creativity has greatly increased.

Obsessions: Pinterest, Couponing, Yard Sales, Resale Clothing, and DIY projects

Now I will admit I'm no pro at any of these but I plan to get it down. Right now my DIY project is making coasters out of tiles. For my first attempt was using wrapping you can see epic fail
Items Need:
4x4 (tiles - only 16 cents ea. @ home depot BUT try your local habit for humanity and get them for 9 cents ea)
Mod Pod
Polyurethane (instead of clear acrylic spray)
Sticky Felt
Paper your choice - scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, or decorative napkins

Tip: its best to NOT place anything under the tile while doing this - it will stick!
Instructions: Using the paint brush spread a thin coat of modpod over tile and sides. Then place your selected paper over the tile. You can cut it to size but I found that this works best not to -after failure 1
and 2. Let dry. Then if you prefer sand down the sides to remove paper. Then apply polyurethane. Let dry. Use sticky felt to apply to back. Cut in squares to place in each corner or just cut to size the whole thing.

Now the pics you see are of my failed attempts from left to right
#1 - put the modpod ON the paper (Smh)
#2 - I'm not totally to blame my 7 yo did that one
#3 -  we almost got it right but the spray wasn't glossy enough
So later on this week I'm going to purchase that polyurethane and post the results. Fourth time the charm right?

Those that helped me:

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