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Saturday, June 2, 2012 they do that!?

I never understand the importance or how to network effectively. Generally I am an introvert who is rarely the person to start up a conversation. But where does this get you in personal life as well as professional life...nowheres!
You have to control your own destiny I tried. At work we had a training for counselors (a person responsible for writing reviews and coaching another individual professionally), it was great!
Those I was set up to work as a group were experienced with this role. I role played the part of the counselor each opportunity I had. The networking piece was after the training I sent them an email thanking them for their input. They said for me to reach out to them anytime. #networking
So next inorder to keep the relationship alive I just need to use that tool ask those questions! Its that simple. Networking is recognizing a need and asking someone to fullfil it.
You also have to "drop seeds" tell people that are in  positions you want their job! Seriously folks this stuff works! Friday I was dropping seeds like crazy! Because I don't want to get left work ethic, attitude is just to fierce to be in the same position for 10 years. No ma'am...not I said BMarie!
So what networking have you done lately?

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