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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful in December

Yesterday was so rough...

My middle child was struck by a car crossing the street, thankfully he only sustained a few injuries (broken thumb and broken ankle). I'm trying not to continue to imagine what today would be like if it was more than that. Attempting to avoid the what ifs...

I was sitting at home with my little one feeding him after I made a delicious meal (fried chicken fingers, yams, baked potatoes, and mac& cheese) was delectable. My husband had just left to walk to the store, he asked my son if he was sure he wanted to go. His response, "Yes, walking is relaxing!" He is such a special child, can't you tell. 

Well I am there eating and I get a call. "He's been hit, hit by a car" 

All I can do is scream in terror while I hold my 3 month old son  (Dallas) in my arms. I only had on a tank top and yoga pants. I grabbed a t-shirt to wrap Dallas in and booked it to my neighbors who live a couple of houses away. 

"General's been hit by a car, he's okay I think but he's been hit" I literally threw Dallas at my neighbors and started running. My oldest Jabriel asked me if he should stay with them. I replied yes and barefooted my way through our neighborhood. His Dad calls...."WHERE ARE YOU!"

I thought I was going in the direction closest to them but I wasn't so I booked it in the other direction, by that time Casey (my neighbor) pulled up, he was honking his horn profusely  It took me a while to register that he was honking at me. I hopped in the car. Asking no questions and told him the direction to go. 

I get there. I see the lady that hit my son with her stinking car. I wanted to punch the living daylights out of her. But I didn't. 

I see General, his response. "Mommy, I'm okay, I'm okay Mommy!" I just cry and touch his face just to make sure. He shows me his hand..."its just my thumb, my thumb hurts." 

The EMS on duty says, "Ma'am he seems to be fine just minor bumps and scratches, he would be okay to just send home." 

WHAT?? I'm thinking are you serious my 8 year old just got hit by a car and you want me to just take him home! I DON'T THINK SO! 

I wanted to ride in the back of the ambulance and should have protested to do so, but I didn't. I ride in the front and I'm wondering..ummm...donde esta the sirens???

We make it there, they cut his favorite jacket and favorite shirt. Which later he admitted his shirt had a hole in the back. He told me to forget that statement --- especially since he wore the shirt with a flower to school. General Jackson...but later he was like umm Mom why would a boy wear a shirt with a flower on it? It was a feather, not a flower. (that's my General!) . I guess he was right, lol my bad. 

Anyhow his Dad makes it to the hospital and gives me his account -- he went off on the lady. Especially when she said, Ya'll shouldn't have been wearing what you had on...I didn't see him. 

No, lady you know you were speeding. He shared some other words with her that I'll leave to your imagination. Once his Dad made it I felt at ease. My superman is here and I can relax....

Thankfully, General only had a broken thumb and broken ankle.

He's still here, he's talking, he's smiling,  he's home. 

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