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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pinterest Attempt #4 - The Rehabbed Dresser

I've been dying to do this project since I first stepped on the Pinterest scene, the rehabbed dresser into a tv stand. The dresser I found down the street from me at a yard sale.I only paid $10 for this pine dresser. Now, I looked over and over again for a dresser on Craigslist and the Habitat for Humanity Restore but I refused to pay more than $50 for this dresser. Yes, I'm a frugal maiden. 

So my pinterestation....
The Centsational Girl  she's super talented and offers detailed information. 

Now, I made A LOT of mistakes doing this so my failure list 

Issue                                   Consequence
Painted in the house          Also painted the carpet and the wall
Let my kids help                 Primer looked crazy (but at least it was just the primer)
Bought paint unshaken      Paint looked more white than Skylight Blue

There's more but those were my major and most memorable mishaps! So, please before taking on this rehab dresser view tutorials on how to paint furniture.

So here is my end looks pretty good. On to the next venture, a homemade Christmas wreath.

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