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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catchin' Up

So, its been like forever since we last wrote, spoke, and sat down....Here is what you missed:

  1. Went back to work (yay and nay)
  2. Ran a 5K (YAY!) 
  3. I lost my grandmother (super double triple quadruple, nay) 

For the first time, going back to work was hard. First of all I never imagined, me...Beth Marie would enjoy being at home. Truthfully, it does make a lot to sense....from the age of 17 until then I was working full-time and being a full time mother, wife, oh yes and a student. Now, when I graduated in 2009 that gave me a break from one of my jobs but as you know one can remain quite busy with motherhood and wifedom (totally not a word, I know.)

But this time being 31 as oppose to 18 & 23 with the other two, I was able to soak in motherhood deeply from the beginning. When you are a young parent I don't think we truly internalize that one day this child will be in kindergarten, going to middle school. Yes, yes, we know they will grow up but reality slaps you by surprise.  So THIS time I feel it each day with Dallas getting older doing knew things, I am excited about him hitting those milestones (rolling over, saying da-da, ma-ma, crawling, etc) but I'm okay with him holding off just a little while longer.  So, of course it was hard going back to work and I do have my moments when I shed a tear missing him. One day I just broke down (it was a Monday), his Dad graciously brought him to me in the middle of the afternoon so I could see him -- we had lunch, showed him off in the office, they left -- then I cried again! Oh motherhood. But I'm happy to report its getting better now. I have recorded videos and I look at my pictures of him at least twice a day on my cell phone. Yes, name is Beth Marie and I am addicted to motherhood. :) 

THE 5k! I don't know WHAT I was getting myself into, such a procrastination -- downloaded the Couch to 5k and didn't run ONCE. Sad, sad girl. Anyhow the day of, I was excited, pumped there early geared up and ready. I thought I would start off running. anyhow I did it finished in 47 minutes. Pretty good for a big girl with no training and surprisingly --- I was not winded when I finished. But the day after talk about being SORE to the nth power. But it felt GOOD. Next run is in a couple of weeks..

My grandmother. What can I say she was an awesome woman to me.... (sorry tearing up) .. I'll have to write about that lovely lady another day....

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